Thursday, November 10, 2011

Something Wonderful Just Happened!

I must blog about it because it is that Important and Wonderful.  I was going to just Status update, but no, too Important!

I just had a Conversation with my Son!!!!

Italics, Bold and Underlined!

Me: Are you Wet or Dry?

Frankie: I Dry

Me: Do you want to try pee pee on the Potty?

Frankie: No

Me: Frankie, lets try Pee pee on the potty...

Frankie: NO!  I rather Play Trains

Wait what?!?!  I didn't even know "I rather" was part of your vocabulary!  Where the F did that come from?    Now he is narrating the beginning of Thomas and Friends.  He is Fantastic, Oh happy day!

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