Sunday, November 13, 2011

I'm Dr. Awesome......

and So is Jenny McCarthy.

I got my first nasty Email today.  From a girl who was an acquaintance in HS and a facebook friend later in life.  It got me thinking, which makes me want to set somethings strait for my "sycophant army" as she put it. 

First, I do NOT put out medical advice.  Any medical things I put out there are things my son is going through with the instructions of a good old MD.  This is not meant to offend anyone on the other end but I am not using a DAN! doctor at the moment, I am using a regular doctor that is seeing the light.  All doctors I have been to have been regular specialists who have no ties to Biomedical approaches, they looked at my sons blood work and said "Mrs. NT MOM this is what we have to do".  So, I do not think I am a doctor, nor am I playing one on TV or Blog land.

Second, I am not pimping out my child.  I have this nifty little Tab up in the right hand corner, it says Donate.  I put it there, because I saw on MANY other blogs that inspired me the same tab.  Never do I expect or require anyone to Donate to me.  My husband works very hard and I in turn work very hard to save money and live frugally so that we can pay to live and I can stay home and raise my children instead of having a stranger do it.  Do we struggle, yes, but do I blog asking for money NEVER...and I NEVER will.  I apologize if that tab ever offended anyone, but that was not the purpose.  As parents of children on the Spectrum, you understand that many things are not covered by insurance and I figured if a Bill Gates type one day stumbled onto my blog and liked it well.....the option was open.  So again my apologies, I never meant to offend.

Third, I do not lock my kids inside.  Holy Crap, that was taken so out of context.  This is when I get annoyed at those who "aren't living in my shoes"  There are just days where it is just not super awesome to take your tired 3 year old out in public so he can have a melt down and have people look at me.  Apparently according to this person

"you and your sycophant army can't deal with the reality that parents are responsible for their children's behaviour whether they're dying of cancer or they're just starved for attention because mommy cares more about broadcasting every moment of her life on FB while hoping the kid shuts up and reads his Ipad instead of menacing his baby sister."

Me and the attention starved children, see how he menaces his yea

 Its like no matter how hard people try to explain what life with Autism is, people still will not understand.  I spend so much time with my son its not even funny, the kid sleeps in my damn bed most nights.  Of course we are responsible for our children's behaviors, Deal God, He has  BEHAVIORAL THERAPIST for Gods sakes, all our kids do!

SO for those who think I am neglecting my children to Blog, I am sorry that you misunderstand.  I'm sorry that you don't know that I blog when they go to bed and finish them in the morning.  I'm sorry you don't realize my son is in school 7 hours a day and my daughter takes 2 - 1.5 hour naps so I have a lot of down time.  I'm sorry you don't realize that he Ipad is hidden on top of a Armoire and only used at certain times as a reward.  And that I chronicle my sons life to help other people.  I'm sorry I offended anyone, or hurt peoples feelings, that's never my intention.

I'm going back to my peaceful little place, your welcome in whenever, we have cake pops and will embrace you with Love, night folks!


  1. Ok, not sure why you put Scary Jenny up there, but seriously - you don't have to apologize to anyone for anything. You will never make everyone happy, and the fact that people feel comfortable criticizing you means you've struck a nerve - you're getting your message out there. For every one person who bitches at you, there are ten more silently nodding along with everything you're saying, thankful someone feels the same. Once again, speak your truth, sister. <3 <3 (oh, and back away from Scary Jenny haha)

    xoxo Wendy @

  2. oh Jenny! Thanks Wendy..... I had to put her up because apparetnly my head is in the Jenny McCarthy lala land....even though i have never read a book by Jenny McCarthy. Lol, thanks for the encouragment!

  3. We are still fairly new to the ASD diagnosis, but I've already come to realize that no matter how "high functioning" your kid is, most people have no idea what it is like to parent a child on the spectrum. In the really heart-breaking moments, you realize that good friends and well-intentioned folks around you don't really even get it. That much more a random high school acquaintance or stranger....

  4. ooo i just checked out your blog earlier, welcome! its hard to believe there are people who still believe the refrigerator mother idea.

  5. Last night my husband said, "If people had to deal with half the things we deal with on a day to day basis they'd miss a lot more too."

    That pretty much sums it up. She doesn't have a clue. Besides, she doesn't want to mess with the "sycophant army." We tend to have a lot of anger towards people who belittle our parenting skills & pick on our kids.:) Ignorant critics are never a good reason apologize for anything.:)

  6. SUper Mommy thank you. I just felt like i was going crazy and maybe i was portraying myself in the wrong light or something. I get angry because I know I am a good mother and when someone questions my parenting ASD child or not that will throw me over the edge.

  7. My MIL and SIL like to make snide comments about how much I'm on the computer and how I must be ignoring my children, but seriously - with my wireless network, 2 laptops and my iPhone (and my not-that-big-home), it's kind of impossible to be far away from the interwebs for any length of time. And as a SAHM to 3 boys 6 and under (and of course ASD in the hizzy), mama needs her outlet. Could be worse, I could be in my bedroom with the door shut hitting the bottle (like I'd love to do some days, won't lie). Haters gonna hate. ;)

    Wendy @

  8. I feel ya Wendy, I'm in 750 Square feet, I see the kids from whereever I stand in my apartment....and with the lap top, ipad, and smart phone, its quite easy to be online...I'm so connected!

  9. Thanks for taking a look. I've pretty much decided that blogging may be my only way to stay sane. Just wrote a post today that hits (peripherally anyway) on your FB re-post of the Red Lobster story.