Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I can make you Aware but....

......I cant change make you accept.

I just got done reading a wonderful blog post over at AutismWars which compelled me to write today.  Kids have been sick for about 2 weeks now, its like they ping pong back and forth and my brain is just all over the place.  So when Jenny's blog post from last April gave me inspiration I had to jump on it.

Earlier this week I had to deal with  disgruntled reader who a.) does not believe Autism is a disease because there is no Scientific Evidence Supporting it.  b.) Says we should all think outside of the box and that our kids are NOT sick, society has programmed us to believe that.  c.)  wants me to educate them. So like I said, I can make people aware but I cant make you accept.

This reader is AWARE of Autism, they just don't feel like Buying it..... THAT'S the problem.  People see our bumper stickers, they see the puzzle pieces, they are completely aware of Autism, but will they choose to accept it?

I too was Aware but had no idea until it was on my front door.  I too was one of those waitresses who could not understand why people could not handle their kids.  I too believed vaccine injury was crap.  I too thought Jenny McCarthy was insane.  I too boldly believed nothing like that could ever happen to my child.

Funny that I denied it would ever be me, yet another part of me was convinced it would be.  When I was younger I saw a commercial of a Mom putting a child into a car seat as he looked off into the distance.  As she walk away it said 1 in 150 children will be diagnosed with Autism....and as it said that I kid you not I thought to myself  "That's going to be me".   My question is, What in Gods name did that commercial do other then scare the shit out of me.  NOTHING, it didn't give you one single idea of what the hell Autism was about.

Like Jenny said in her Autism Wars Blog post, we are all preaching to the choir.  We all KNOW, we talk to each other about Making people aware but it needs to go further then that.  There is one image of Autism out there, Rainman type or Non -Verbal.  I never see extremely attractive and charming  3 year old that constantly runs away laughing as i try to grab him by the neck before he runs in the street.

The people that see me with the child described like to believe my child is bad and I am also a bad mother.  I lived a year of my life convinced my child was a horrible child who defied me because he hated me.  I did everything, I brought him to social groups, mommy and me, doctors, punished him in all forms, crap I even went back to work and put him in daycare because someone could do better.  It turns out I wasn't a horrible mother and my kid wasn't bad he just had NO idea what I was saying.  At 30 months old my son had the receptive language of a NINE month old....WTF?  That's Autism????  Lining up the trains obsessively and freaking out when they fall over...that's Autism? Stacking cans is Autism?  Jumping for hours is Autism?  Shaking your head uncontrollably is Autism?  Not talking.....wait the Dr said boys talk later then girls......oh shes an idiot so that's Autism too?

That's the issue, the public is made aware of classic Autism.  A kid that won't look at you, Won't let you talk to them, or touch them.  A kid who sits in the corner rocking.  They never tell you about the kid who cant handle loud noise, the kid who cant handle how sand feels on their feet, the kid who lays on top of you constantly to get sensory input, the kid who cant physically sit through dinner at a restaurant.....i could go on forever.

Someone needs to make the public accept our kids.  They are Aware, they need to Accept damn it.

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