Thursday, November 24, 2011

Because Autism Parents Need To Save!

Well I hope everyone had a wonderful and uneventful Thanksgiving this year!  Frankie was actually very well behaved, Baby Girl on the other hand.....out of control.  I was suppose to make a second stop at my families house but, kids were so tired once 6:30 hit, it was 8:45 everyone was asleep, even the husband.   

So Now I am home and it is that time that Online shopping begins.  I am not one for Black Friday, I have a small bladder and I just cant wait on lines like thank you.  Since I like to save money and I know every single family, especially those with children on the spectrum can afford to save some money, I'd like to share some of my sites with you :)

Ok first off there are TWO sites I frequent that usually have items discounted 50%-90% off.  My grandmother wanted to buy me a coat so I went on Zulily and found a Kenneth Cole Coat that retails for $209 for $65.....after coupon codes (which I will hook you up with later) the total was $66 with tax and shipping.  Beyond the Rack is the same Concept but with a broader range of items.

OK so after you sign up on those sites and can save up to 90% off on some items you can sign up next for eBates
Truthfully Ebates confused the crap out of me at first.  Basically you search your favorite stores, find them, follow the link through Ebates and get a % back in check form 4 times a year.  the past 2 years I have gotten my Christmas Cards through Snapfish using Ebates and have gotten 20% of my purchase back.  Both of the stores above can be found on Ebates with about 4% cash back...WOO HOO savings!

Lastly for your ultimate saving Check out Retailmenot.

I usually search for free shipping codes at RetailMeNot.  Today I found 20% off of Kohls, free shipping and 4% back using Ebates....I am a Happy Mommy.  I know its a lot of info but I am Semi passionate about saving as MUCH as possible, it pains me to think you can get 20% off and not even realize!  

Get Ready for Cyber Monday and use that extra Money Saved on those Super kids of yours!

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