Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Here is an "I Hate Autism" kind of Post

I hate Autism because its causes me even more difficulty getting a 3 year old to eat.  There are days I want to throw my hands up and tell him to starve.  I throw enough food out in a week to feed a Family of 4.

God forbid I run out of chicken nuggets (like I did today)  my son won't eat.  He will eat about 1/2 a cup of vegetables and scream for an hour over the thought of eating something as Insane as a Hot dog.  From a therapy standpoint I should ignore the behavior or just keep at it till he eats, but we forget that Daddy is not home at dinner time and the one year old in the high chair will start chiming in the minute the boy starts screaming.

Nothing is more awesome then a 3 year old and a one year old screaming in harmony!  SO he ate some vegetables after practically vomiting up the finger nail size piece of hot dog and then i dismissed him because I cant handle the screaming and throwing yourself off a chair thing anymore.

Little Miss Piggy calmed down and ate her dinner, plus Frankies hot dog and his vegetables......


  1. Yeah I hate autism too. My step kids mum is autistic and she neglects her kids and says her kids are too hard to deal with. She refuses to think there is anything wrong with her and its ALWAYS everyone else's fault for breathing, living, doing things a smidgeon different to how she expects things to be done and she says weird stuff and asks weird questions a 48 year old should know the answer to by now. She doesn't know how to look after herself and she looks like she doesn't even shower or change clothes sometimes.

  2. Hey neurotypical mom, austism hates you too. Guess what, we ASD people are fucking tired of being constrained by your idioctic and inane NT values, ideas, and social code. You are pathetic illogical creatures. We're driven insane by you NT shits, not by our ASD. And Bunny, shut the hell up. I wish I could destroy your NT mind and replace it with an autistic mind so you could finally realize there is a different way of thinking then your primitive NT way.

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  4. Thank you, someguy854. I'm proud to be a part of a minority group that includes you in it. Autistics have to stand up for ourselves.