Friday, November 18, 2011

NO mama

There is a new issue we are having.....its a Verbal child.  In the last week my son has accidentally let the cat out of the bag....he can answer yes or no questions and he has a sense of humor.  Now don't get me wrong I am SUPER happy about this, but it is posing a new set of issues that I wasn't exactly ready for.

Last week I blogged about the first real conversation I had with the boy here.  So instead of doing something I want him to do, instead of just following my lead while whining he can now say "No, I rather play trains" ok well NO, Mama rather you go potty.  I use to put food in front of him and he freaked out.  Then I realized chicken was always a sure thing....and then he realized he had options.  I started giving him options and now I get "no chicken, i want Cereal" cant eat cereal for dinner, what do you want for dinner "I want Crackers!", no crackers how about Chicken "NOOOOOO, No chicken, 'Nola Bars".  AHHH......I'm so excited we can have these arguments, I really am, I am so thankful to God that he has given my son a voice, but now what?

So now he is having meltdowns because he realized he has options and I wont let him have them.  I'm not sure which ones are harder.  I guess the non verbal ones were worse because I had no idea what the issue was, now I know but I still don't know how to fix it.  I'm off to the super market to find new options, hopefully if he doesn't eat them Lia will.

As for the sense of Humor.......Mr. Smarty pants has mastered matching...letters to word sounds etc. Except now he will pretend he doesn't know.  He will purposely match the wrong things and say " that is not a match"(insert hysterical laughing here).... Q and Chicken....THAT NOT A MATCH HAHAHAHAHA!  He's too funny.  At our last Appointment to talk about his development he kept turning the lights off in the doctors office.  He would turn the light off and laugh and say "oh no its soooo very Dark in here!!!"  Fantastic kid, I am trying to discuss your mitochondria.  Eventually I had to stand up in front of the switch which got him annoyed.  Frankie yelled at me he pointed to the char and yelled "No, mama, You sit down, NOW"......Dr. Jassey said " i see he has progressed in language" Lol....yes yes he has.

I guess with anything, this is a new chapter, I'm just on the first page....I'll figure it out, I always do.

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