Monday, November 7, 2011

Somtimes the Best Therapy is No Therapy

Ah, bucket foot.  Yesterday had to be one of the better days we had in a long time.  Nothing fancy happened, we sadly missed a church and our friends First Birthday Party to be quarantined in our apartment for the day

In my house with two snotty croupy kids, no school, no therapy, no help, husband at work......just me and them.  In the morning I was nervous to be honest, I wasn't sure what every ones behavior was going to be like, and I didn't want to try and guess.  But honestly I was pleasantly surprised. 

Before Frankie's Diagnosis, things were not very structured for us.  We ate whenever, slept whenever, hopped into the car and went on little trips to the mall or the park etc.  After Lia was born and then after Frankie started therapy, things became very routine, very structured,  very boring if you ask me.  At this point, my son gets up at 7am, eats, gets dressed, plays with his sister, gets on the bus at 8:15.  He gets home at 3pm to be met by a therapist on Mondays and Thursdays for an hour..... at 5pm we eat at 6pm we bathe at 6:45 Lia is in bed by 7 Frankie is laying with me on the couch and usually passes out by 8.

That's our day, I feel more like a warden then the fun mommy I use to be.  Implementing behavior strategies, trying to get him to eat new food, refereeing between 2 kids (where the one year old is nastier then the 3 year old). Recently on Friday nights Frankie has been staying at my mother in laws over night and then by Saturday I have been trying to go see my dad 30 minutes away or we have a party or wedding to go to.  Sundays are church and then my Mother in law wants to take him usually after (we use to live with them so she does miss him a ton).  Unfortunately, though I love sending him to see his grandparents, I feel like I personally don't get to spend any fun  time with him. 

I realized this Sunday, where we were all sick, that my son is a pretty funny and amazing kid to spend the day with.  I think some days, even though routine is good, I need to step back and just have fun with him.  The amount of functional language he has is great! I had no idea!  I think the funniest thing of the night was when he asked to "clean with sponge" the whole kitchen.   My other favorite line was when we got out of the tub he runs around screaming "Don't make poop on the rug!" . 

I need more days like yesterday.  Fun filled bucket foot, sponge cleaning, NO POOP on the rug kinda fun!

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