Monday, July 11, 2011

Boots.....must wear boots.

Ahhh, my sons Taxi boots.  My mother bought these for LP back when we had a blizzard two days after Christmas.  I remember telling her he would never wear them, too restrictive.  of course I was wrong........and these are just a few pictures, I have more.  It got to the point where I had to hide all rain boots in our house.  There would be days I would hear crying from the back room and I would find LP in my rain boots, up to his thighs, stuck, unable to walk.  

Today, I found where I hid the taxi boots.  Without fail, on they went.  The last frame he was watchin blues clues in his bathing suit, rocking his boots.......I love this crazy kid


  1. we had winter boots. shorts and boots. naked and boots. we called them stinky boots

  2. haha so im not alone! I have a photo of naked boots but i decided not to put it up haha. I had to tell the therapists to hide their boots, the minute they turned around he had them on. I mean they are kind of fun!