Monday, July 4, 2011

The Story of Diagnosis (part 2)

I feel like I have to get all the pain and backstory out before I can move on to blog about more wonderful things going on in our lives. Wonderful things are going on with LP!! He is so funny, I ask him how old he is going to be and he actually says three! Also, today, July 4th, my son watched fireworks for 10 while minutes.....then with hands over ears he said "good bye" ( his way of saying he's done with what he is doing). Fireworks = great success!

So today I posted a video about Autism in the U.S. It was mostly about the vaccines. I personally believe that there is a genetic trate that is passed down (everyone has a quirky uncle right) but I honestly believe that vaccines hurt babies. A family member, whose child also has ASD, tells me constantly to get off the vaccine band wagon......but I can't. And now I will explain why.....

At 26 weeks pregnant I received 2 steroid shots, 24 hours apart, in my butt that burned like hell. At the time I was being cared for at a hospital that was being sued for accidentally causing the deaths of 6 people. I had no insurance and this was my only option. At 20 weeks I was told my cervix was short and that I would need weekly monitoring (I find out later from my current ob that my cervix was in normal range and that the hospital most likely did it to cover their butts and milk new York state for Medicaid money). So every week I was monitored and at 26 weeks was told that as a precaution, I should receive these two steroid shots to mature my sons lungs just incase Like a good little girl I did what I was told....I got my shots.

On July 6th 2008 I birthed a baby boy who came right on time, only one day early. He was perfect to me in every way. I said the minute he was born he was clingy, he never wanted to be put down. He also was a horrible breastfeeder. I would feed him 12 times a day practically, he struggled so much to get a good amount in. I never gave up though and BF till he was 11months old.

LP was a little funny. He was on the later end of hitting milestones, but he smiled, he cooed and eventually he did things like lift his head. At about 8.5 months old my son had a well visit and was set to receive the first half of a flu vaccine. Stupid me didn't think twice, even though I personally would never get one myself. The night after he received the vaccine my son shot up in bed ( he had been sleeping between my husband and I ) and started swaying back and forth like he was drunk. He was burning up with a 103.3 temperature. I freaked and called the dr who told me it was normal and to give him motrin, I did and it went down, but it was uncomfortable enough that I never went back for the second half of that shot.

A week passed and my son had a fever again. Along with this fever he had a cough and was struggling to breath, he would stop breathing while he slept, so to the hospital we went. He ended up on nebulizer treatments every 3 hours around the clock. There was limit space at the hospital so I was sent home with instructions to go to the dr every morning at 8am to monitor his oxygen. Eventually he got better, but he became a very lazy mushy baby. I remember we went to birthday party and he cried the whole time, he wouldn't go near kids, or play with toys, he screamed and screamed and I knew something was wrong. He stopped responding to his name, he stopped exploring.....he stopped Making attempts to walk.

Two more weeks passed and my son started vommiting. He threw up at least 7 times a week for 3 weeks......and the doctors told me it was normal because they couldn't figure out why. Then the ear infections started, double ear infections at least once or twice a month. Lastly the bleeding diaper rashes. They told me it was yeast, they told me it had to be from breastfeeding, that it had to be thrush. The problem was I never had thrush, and he never had it in his mouth. Yet, he would have chronic soft stool laced with yeast that gave my son open sores on his butt. It got so bad that I stopped breastfeeding thinking it was me.....but it wasn't.

This whole time my husband and I started thinking he was depressed. My son never look happy. I thought I was a horrible mother because no matter what I did he wasn't happy. He didn't play with toys and all he wanted was to be held. He stopped developing at a normal pace. We thought that his development had slowed because of the chronic ear infections, that he must not have been feeling up to walking or talking. He did start pointing, and started saying car and ball. Then at 15 months he got his shots (excluding MMR) and my son froze.

Everything froze in time, the words went away the screaming and the behaviors began and so did the eczema. We thought he was deaf, but he wasn't. I thought putting him in daycare he would be more social, he wasnt. He fell all the time, he screamed all the time, he had no words, he didn't even say mama. Again I was told it was normal and I was crazy to think Autism.....and I believed them.

In 2010 my son didn't get a single vaccine.....and in 2010 my son did not get one ear infection and the eczema went away. As the year progressed, my sons behaviors got more odd and violent. Spinning, jumping, running, acting deaf, lining up trains, stiming on the dresser, no speech, violent tantrums......once again told it was normal. At 30 months my son was diagnosed with ASD and I finally knew I was right the whole time.....and I can only think that these vaccines had something to do with it.

Starting from those steroid shots at 26 weeks, that are ment to only be given to women that are showing actualy signs of labor, not just incase. The insert I found out later has a huge warning to not be usesd on infants of children due to risk of neurological damage or death.....yet it was injected into me!!!! The flu shot was the second big one, defiantly containing thermerisol and lastly the vaccines he got at 15 months old. I honestly believe that little by little these vaccines hurt my son and only until I stopped giving them to him did he at least regain his health.

I can't change the past, I can only learn from it and spread the word. My main priority is helping my son recover as much as he can. Thank you for letting me share my story.....I've never written it all out, it needed to be done.

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