Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Brother and Sister Grow Together

When I was pregnant with Baby Diva, my mother said something that really pissed me off.  She said "The kids will probably start talking at the same time at the rate things are going."  It bothered me, I knew it might be true, it hurt.  I knew something was wrong with my boy, I just didn't know what. Honestly I was too scared to find out what I already knew in my gut. 

Today at 9.5 months my daughter did the typical backwards baby wave on her own, no prompting.  I was elated.....but then like everything else it takes me back.  I realize that LP was 15 months old before we could get him to wave and even after all that he lost it by 18 months.  He is now 3 and i still have to force him to wave goodbye.  Baby Diva has also been pointing, something little man did and lost. 

Both my children are awesome little miracles.  My mom was wrong......LP started talking before his sister (WOO HOO!)  She babbles a lot, says dada and mama (but only when she is crying) .  Its fun to see them hit their milestones at their own pace.  They are so different, but so alike.  Today is a good day!

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