Thursday, July 21, 2011

Stop Spinning!

I don't even know what in Gods name is up with the boy today.  Seriously, the behaviors the last 2 days are pure insanity.  Many people have told me that when he is learning new things, it won't be uncommon for him to regress in other areas.  HOLY CRAP!  Here I am hoping that these Omega -3's and vitamins are going to help him out and he is behaving like a nutso......talking in sentences, but acting like a nut.  I guess that would prove the theory right, he's talking and having horrible behavior.....before he was being good and just using vocabulary.

He looks at me and says "mama, help me, get juice".  Aw how cute!  I get him juice and I go about my scrap booking.  I hear him drinking his juice and then I realize I hear spitting.  He had taken all 10 oz of water/juice put it in his mouth and then proceeded to SPIT it onto his castle and dinosaurs.  My carpet was soaked, his clothes were soaked and I was on the verge of loosing my mind.

Mind you this has come after a long day of cracker smashing into my rug and table flipping.  Yes, you heard me right, he tried to flip his work table over at least 5 times with all 3 therapists today.   Beasting out table flipping ala Teresa Guidice (Real Housewives of NJ).  He's also shaking his body and head uncontrollably which I've never seen before and spinning again, which I haven't seen in months.  The last thing he did was slam his head into the steps TWICE......he hasn't hit his head on something since he was 16 months old.   

I am so bummed today......I have this super optimistic outlook for my son and I get scared when I see these behaviors come out.  I ignorantly thought they were gone, today hurt.  August 9th I made a neurologist appointment for him.  I'm on  the fence about bringing him to a Developmental Pediatrician......I'd bring him to a DAN! Dr but they don't take insurance.

The last few weeks we started down this road of starting alternate treatments on top of his therapies (which I will say are the only proven methods of "Curing") and its just made me more stressed.  I am hoping I can see a difference soon, cant wait to try the behavioral balance in the coming weeks.  We are actually using my husband as a guinea pig first, we got him Omega-3's and the Behavioral Balance in pill form.....he starts tomorrow.  Hopefully that can work for him too and relieve some stress and help him socially.  All we want is to fix our baby.......I know there are people that say they want to leave their child the way they are but for us, slamming your head into a step and spitting on your toys is not ok.  Dear God, help us fix our baby.


  1. As I mentioned in one of your posts my oldest did this, too. It's true though when they have a "spurt" if any kind (learning something finally, growing...etc) their behaviors change dramatically. It can last days weeks even months. Those were dark times for me. Bittersweet. Great to see them master something finally but they are so burnt out from trying so hard they basically melt down. Hang in there!!! It really does get better. I've been through this and still am times 2. Our children and us .....we 'll be ok. We moms are made of strong stuff. ;-)

  2. Sounds just like my boy word for word. My son LOVES to spit on any and everything when he gets in the mood. One day I was just a mess trying to do something important and when I came to see what he was doing...he was in the toy room and it was covered in chocolate splatters from his chocolate pediasure. It took me forever to clean it up and there are still toys that I will pull out and see splats of chocolate milk. The spinning comes once or twice a week for him and once he starts he can't stop. :)

    You have to do what your heart tells you and if its something that is going to protect him then that is what needs to be done. I have only read a few posts of yours and just by reading those few I can tell you are the best Mommy! Nothing but best wishes!

  3. omg asj, chocolate milk????? Mami, i know that bad days can mean great days ahead, it keeps me upbeat! Yesterday I felt horrible about how I reacted though. I dont think he even understands timeout, but that's where I put him. He just kept copying what I said "spitting is yucky" and cried.....Im trying to be a good mommy. today that meant no cleaning and playing dinosaurs for hours. 100 degrees outside, not leaving the house!