Friday, July 1, 2011

It's July 1st

In 2 months and 6 days my first born child will get on a bus and go to school. While of course this is the best thing for him......I still don't want him to go :(. This is one of the main reasons I hate Autism. At 3 years old I have to send my baby to full day pre-school 5 days a week. While everyone else is still home with their 3 year olds, mine is getting daily OT,PT, speech and home ABA therapy.

I'm excited to know that he will learn so much, and learn to socialize with other kids. I'm glad that he will learn to sit at a table with other children with out having anxiety. I'm happy I can get a break and pursue some business ventures.

Things will be ok, this is a new chapter ......but like my son I am very uncomfortable with change.


  1. You need to start preparing both him and yourself... Remember they can pick up on your energy so be very positive about school

  2. Hmm you think he can feed off of it even if I keep it inside? Hopefully he can't learn to read my blog...jk. I feel bad bc I never wanted my kidsin daycare and I feel like he is still tooyou g for school. I now understand why people are uneasy about giving their childn to the public school system. This is a private school so, we shall see. Trying to stay positive!