Friday, July 8, 2011

The Great "Animal Center"

As you may know my darling boy turned 3 on Wednesday.  Everyone always asks me what to get LP for holidays and birthdays, and people try to find things that I describe, but it doesn't always work.  Ah, but this year, Grandpa Joe had me on the phone while he was in Toys R us!

LP has been starting to use his imagination.....or at least I think he is, so toys such as a zoo are perfect!  He has never gotten super excited about a present before, he always kind of just ignored wrapped gift boxes.  So to my surprise, he screamed "oooo its a present!!!!!" when he saw the huge playmobil box wrapped in Elmo paper.  And then my heart proceeded to melt as he screamed "ITS AN ANIMAL CENTER!!!!!" (thanks Diego it's really a zoo).  See, my son has never gotten excited about a toy before, not like that.  He use to like getting trains, but it was only really a smile and then he would proceed to stare at the wheels.

This was the best birthday gift, and best birthday as a whole for LP in his 3 years of life.  I spent about an hour and change putting that zoo together, and when he woke up he played and played for 3 hours!  My only complaint is that after 3 hours he got tired of "animal center" and when he is tired of something and cant express his feelings, he throws it on the floor.  So with a loud crash, my heart sank at the idea of having to put that whole thing back together.  He got a 5 minute time out, i needed to cool off.  I've been cooled off for about 5 hours now, and the "animal center" is back together and we are playing nice so far.  I keep telling him Zebras don't live with Lions but, he insists they do.  SO cute!

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