Friday, July 15, 2011

Stop Tanning!

No, this is not about Autism....this is about how I can not let this happen to my daughter.  

Husband and son are off to father/son day and I am here Facebook stalking people I don't even know as my daughter sleeps.   As I look through pictures of some super tan girls, I could literally scream.  I get it, sure everyone likes a little color. I mean I get color from playing outside with the kids etc., but I can never understand these young girls tanning outside daily and THEN tanning inside and even after THAT getting a spray tan.  I know that sounds insane, but I once knew a girl who did that.  This girl is 26 and now has more wrinkles then my mother. 

I am disturbed by the amount of damage these women are inflicting on their skin.  I was blessed with porcelain white skin that I inherited from my fathers Polish roots yet have the ability to tan and not burn which must be from my mothers Cuban ancestry.  Even with limited burns in my life I have had 4 moles removed and biopsied.  My stepfather has had Melanoma....TWICE.  And besides the medical consequences, who wants to age so poorly???  

27yr old me, wears sunblock                            Lyndsey Lohan....25 yr old tanorexic

************DISCLAIMER: The horrific face I am making is to poke fun at Jersey Shore, I certainly do not take pictures like that. ***************


  1. Can't agree more. I am as pale skinned as they come, with some freckles. And even though all the science and research is out there regarding sun damage I still regularly let "teased" about my whiteness. Really? I'm a 35 year old woman now. Do you really think your comments are going to bother me at this point? I am regularly mistaken for being younger than I am, and I credit a lot of that to the condition of my skin, that is regularly protected from the sun.

    I shared this link on my facebook page a while back. I love it...

  2. I remember i had my son with me when we has about 13 months old and someone asked me what it was like to be a young mom. I was confused by the questions but I answered "its not so bad, I mean Im 25 so its ok"and the girl says "omg i thought you were like 17".....that was a good day hahaha.

    16 year old me video made me cry. Because 16 year old me was a lifeguard who worked 48 hours a week in the sun. A lot of the freckles and moles that were removed I have now are from that period of time. Now Im a sunblock nutcase.