Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Pee Pee in the potty......

Is it possible I rather change his diaper?  Every 30 minutes an alarm goes off in my house.  I then proceed to place an unwilling toddler on the toilet.  "oooo toilet paper" he says to which I respond "only if you make pee pee"  He has no concept of what peeing is, which is making this more difficult.  I see the poor kid pushing and nothing is coming :/.  I'm told i can leave him sitting there till he pees, but with the new mastery of the phrase  "all done" I'm then suppose to acknowledge the "all done".....grrr......If diapers were free......I'd just change his diaper will he was uncomfortable with it.  Ok that's not true, but I'm tired today, I rather play in the sprinklers then chart data on peeing. 

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