Saturday, July 16, 2011

Lemon Flavored Milk

If you a fan on my Facebook page, you will know that I gave LP a spoonful of this fish oil....and he spit out.  Ok maybe not spit, but let it all slowly flow out of the corners of his mouth.  This morning, I decided to mix it with his milk , I'm not sure what I was thinking.  Oh yea, I remember what I was thinking......I was thinking, I spend a decent amount of money on this and it better get into his body and not on my fabric chair cushions.

Its taken two hours for him to get the milk down, something that usually takes about ten minutes.  I was getting annoyed, until he offered me a sip (he likes to share food and drinks with me), i said no thank you but he shoved the sippy cup my mouth.  I unfortunately got a drop of milk in my mouth.......Dear Lord it was gross.  Ugh, God Bless this kid, it was lemon flavored milk yucko.  I tasted a spoonful yesterday and that was better than mixed with milk, uck I'm a horrible mother.  I will have to find something new to mix it with, I wonder how apple juice will work.....I wish he swallowed pills.

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