Thursday, July 14, 2011

Great Job Yelling at That Boy.......

.....wait what?  Today we went to look at another pre-school program and get a screening.  This was the second school we saw, and I think this is the one.  The first school we toured was huge, I felt like I could easily get lost, it was also one of the only schools close to the house with full day openings.  I found it strange that when we went through the tour, they never showed us a class with kids in it.  Wow, um that's a nice room and all but can you show me some kids?  I suppose they didn't want to disrupt a class but how am I suppose to get an idea of what goes on here if I cant see any kids???

Today, at school two, I SAW KIDS!!!   First thing we did was bring LP into a 10-1-2 class with kids his age.  He did great, he said hi, he danced with the kids, did circle time, played in the was great.  I spoke to the teachers and got a real good feeling, everything here was just like my boy, including Thomas tables in the entrance and animals on the walls.  It was smaller and was not an ABA program, but there were many ABA things I saw teachers doing.  He looked so happy!

So the title of this post is throwing you off right?  Well, my son is a huge pusher.  If you are in his space and he cant verbally tell you to get out of it, he will push you.  It seems no matter how many times we try to facilitate the language and tell him to use words instead of hands......hands win.  While we were in the class I was getting emotional watching my son with the other kids, laughing and playing.  But then I had a moment where I almost cried (tears of joy, may I add).....

Little Boy : Come lets play (goes to grab LP's hand)

Me: (anticipating a huge push....oh nooo)

LP:  No, Stop it! (keeps hands to self)

Me:  Good job yelling no!....I mean, good job not pushing

Now if he can keep this up with his sister and stop knocking her over 5 x a day

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