Sunday, July 3, 2011

Life Goes On, Autism or Not

My life revolves around the kids. When LP was diagnosed, my life revolved around finding out everything about Autism. It consumes you, and as you are being consumed with statistics, studies, research and so called cures, life goes on. Things happen all around you, and for me, I turned a blind eye and hope to become some Autism expert.

My husband lost his job one month after our son was diagnosed with Autism. He was a manager and blew up at someone at work. He tried to explain the stress of the diagnosis, but the HR didn't want to hear it. With a small amount of debt and just enough to get us by for 3 months my husband rear ends someone......bye bye $3,000. This whole time I ignored the situation, figured we would be ok like we always are.

Today, we ran out of money. We have nothing, unemployment will come Wednesday and cover our food and part of rent. I called all the credit card companies and sake for hardship programs, I lowered our cell phones plans. I actually applied for food stamps......I feel so humbled. I grew up with money and here I am getting food stamps. Thankfully the kids have insurance even though we don't.

I don't really know where I have been.."I've had my heads in the Autism clouds. I had no idea things were so bad. Like I've said before though, we are so blessed. My son gets all the services he needs payed by the taxes we pay, I might not be able to get biomedical treatments, but My by can get special Ed pre school. I dont know where we would be if we were in another state.

I would like to thank the other Autism parents on keep me strong, you give me hope, and you are a great community to be part of.

Next July 4th was.....more upbeat, I promie!!!

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