Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday to my Little Professor!

  Today, my little man is 3!  July 4th weekend im always flooded with (wonderful) emotions when I remember giving birth to this little monster .  On July 4th of 2008 I sat with my husband on the couch at my brother in laws and told him that if I didn't go into labor I would kill myself.  Luckily the next afternoon at 3pm my water broke and after 12 hours my son was born at 3:02am at 7lbs 3oz.

He was fantastic!  Like I've said, he was a little funny in some ways, like being a horrible breastfeeder and super clingy, but he was mine and he was perfect.  I try to never be sad that he did not end up the typical child I thought he would be.  When those feelings creep up, I remember that he is perfect to us, that God gave me a gift that day and I thank him for that.  What makes me the saddest is that he is such a big boy, he is not that little guy in the white hat.  I wish he could stay little forever.

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