Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Child Free Debate

Yea, I'm not even going to be nice about this.  I'm not going to be diplomatic, I'm just going to be angry.  I'm going to be angry especially at those with no children.  There is a new trend lately in this country apparently which involves segregating kids from certain restaurants, airlines, hotels, theaters etc.

Dr. Laura posted a status question asking people their opinions and a majority of them were in favor.  Now I agree that maybe you shouldn't have your kid at a $100 a plate steakhouse,  but isn't it up to the parent to decide if their child is well enough behaved.  Damn, I mean seriously, my kids are well behaved when we go out to eat as long as I bring an arsenal of toys for the baby and  the Ipad for my son.  Who are you to say my child can't come through your doors?  We have tolerance for different faiths, race's , sexual orientation, immigration status, but we can't have a little respect for a child.

The argument is that there are so many beastly children with Sh*tty parents that we can't allow any kids in.  Having worked in the restaurant industry for many years prior to motherhood, I'm convinced people are blowing this out of proportion.  I can tell you most of the time parents were doing their best to keep their children under control, screaming kids were taken out, impatient children were given something to do and everyone had a great time.  I will say one time I did see a horrible parent with crazy kids.....I kid you was Dina Lohan....the mother of Lyndsey Lohan.  That woman was a train wreck with train wreck children.  She still lived in town when she wasn't out drinking with her daughter.  Her two pre-teen kids literally were running around the restaurant on those stupid skate shoes.  They were around 10 and 12.....they were worse then toddlers.

My last issue with people and their no children rule is that they assume that all parents who have a screaming child are horrible parents.  When I posed the question "what happens if the child is Autistic and can not be controlled at that moment?  Is it right to assume I am a horrible parent?"  A women responded to me "that's not my problem, i want to eat in peace, you shouldn't bring your Autistic child out"  So there you go.  I am so F*cking tired of having to have tolerance for everyone else but no one has it for us.  This is the land of the free right?  Sure your free to ban kids, but then you should be allowed to ban Christians and Chinese people or Illegal Immigrants....oh yea that's right you cant do THAT.  OK I'm done.  Sorry if I offended anyone but I needed to get that out :)


  1. I'm right there with you! I totally got ticked off when I saw this a couple of days ago and I still can't believe the NERVE of these people!

  2. I see this all over the internet lately and you are so head on...everyone that comments is for it. It hurts because I already don't go out and now I am banned if I get up the nerve to. As soon as my son acts up he goes out to watch dvds there is no running around the restaurant or screaming I have respect and worry about him. BEing out in our car will calm him down even though one of us is missing dinner lol. People are so narrow minded. :(