Monday, July 11, 2011

Who Doesn't Love Bubbles??

I was inspired to Blog by a wonderful mom and her Family over at Bubbles Make him Smile Blog.  When I brought it to her attention that my son also loved bubbles, she offered to send us a bubble blower!!  So I want to say Thank you!!!!!!!  LP has a great time with it and the lightup colors are fantastic! 


  1. Sorry for replying so late, as I'm finally at a PC that allows me to post replies. We are super thrilled that LP is enjoying it and hope it brings many more smiles! Thanks for sharing these great pictures! You are right, who doesn't love bubbles!? :)

  2. Oh stop dont apologize about replies, Im the WORST! I hope that you are feeling better, i was wondering where you went! Heal up quick! Thank you again, i have to hide the bubble blower now though because its all he wants to do haha